Special Projects

Whether the objective is to build a brand, approach a new market or increase awareness, it all starts with strategic planning and a great understanding of your target marketplace. The IACCW can help open your eyes to the reality of your industry, build customized promotional and educational campaigns, educating trade and consumers alike.

Extraodinary Italian Taste

italian-taste-rgbExtraodinary Italian Taste is an initiative conceived by Assocamere Estero in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Development and promoted by the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad. The goal is to increase awareness and educate the general public on how to identify and taste the difference between authentic and non – authentic Italian products, sold worldwide.  IACCW is dedicated to promoting the outstanding standards of Italian culinary culture. To find out more about our past events, see the photos and the activities we do in order to promote the initiative, CLICK HERE and HERE.

Marchio Q

Marchio Ospitalita’ – Ristoranti Italiani nel Mondo is an initiative conceived by UNIONCAMERE (National Association of the Chambers of Commerce in Italy) in collaboration with ISNART (National Institute for Tourism Research) and the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad. The goal is to create a worldwide network of Italian restaurants that meet and exceed outstanding standards of Italian hospitality, thus promoting the traditional Italian culinary culture.




Vino California


VINO CALIFORNIA, now in its 5th year, is widely recognized as the leading native Italian wine celebration across the West Coast and has become an iconic fixture in the national wine landscape. VINO CALIFORNIA brings together a cadre of A-list Italian winemakers, master sommeliers and top local culinary personalities delivering an epicurean experience not to be missed for the sophisticated palates of wine and food enthusiasts.


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