Marchio Q

Marchio Ospitalita’ – Ristoranti Italiani nel Mondo is an initiative conceived by UNIONCAMERE (National Association of the Chambers of Commerce in Italy) in collaboration with ISNART (National Institute for Tourism Research) and the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad. The goal is to create a worldwide network of Italian restaurants that meet and exceed outstanding standards of Italian hospitality, thus promoting the traditional Italian culinary culture.

Due to a natural inclination of the Italian people to care about human relationships and pursue a certain quality of life, the food and wine cultures have grown to become the symbol of Italian hospitality. For these reasons, the Italian cuisine is considered a contribution to the human heritage and as such IT should be protected from counterfeiting, in order to preserve its history, quality and authenticity.

With this objective in mind, the Italian Government, through appointed organizations, launched the “OSPITALITÀ` ITALIANA, RISTORANTI ITALIANI NEL MONDO” campaign, addressing all those Italian restaurants abroad that guarantee the respect of quality standards typical of true Italian hospitality.

The Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad are deeply involved in certification process of the Italian Restaurants that wish to receive this priced recognition. The Chambers develop communication activities and awareness campaigns among the Italian restaurants, encouraging them to partake in the project. They also gather applications, inspect the restaurants, ensuring compliance with the requirements. In four years of activity, the IACCW has so far certified over 70 restaurants all over California.

When all criteria is met and approval is granted, the Italian restaurant receives a golden plate displaying a large Q, (which stands for “Quality”), recognized world-wide as a true symbol of authentic Italian hospitality. The establishment has the right to market its “Marchio Ospitalita’ Italiana” in any promotional materials for the whole period of certification (one year). All certified restaurants become part of an integrated network which ensures focus and visibility on the campaign. To learn more about “OSPITALITÀ` ITALIANA, RISTORANTI ITALIANI NEL MONDO” or to submit an application, please contact the IACCW at 310.557.3017.

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